Benefits of the Venus Factor Diet

Most diets or weight loss plans are not designed for women. They are not sensitive to the fact that women need individualized plans that address their problem areas. Venus Factor understands that women need a plan that will address the fact that their bodies do not respond the way a man’s body does when it comes to Leptin. Leptin is a hormone that controls the body’s ability to metabolize.

If your looking for a workout program that also addresses the male hormones too, check out the brand new Omega Body Blueprint. It addresses leptin, testosterone, and other key weight impacting hormones.

What is the Venus Factor diet

venus factorThis diet plan is a 12-week program designed to melt fat, inches and pounds away from problem areas. The program is set up to teach women how Leptin affects the way fat is metabolized. Women learn what to eat and what tricks to use in order to increase energy and burn fat. Venus Factor shows women how certain herbs and nutrients, assists in their quest to lose weight and keep it off. Learn what foods prevent you from losing the weight that you want by playing against your Leptin levels. “If you continue on the path to destroying your Leptin sensitivity, you make it harder to lose weight and be healthy”, according to Jack Mars, author and Nutritionist from Aesthetic Institute of West Florida.

Benefits of the program

There are many benefits that women receive from using the Venus Factor program. Some of these benefits include:

  • Increasing Leptin levels to speed up metabolism
  • Access to Venus Immersion which is community of women that will offer moral support
  • Learning how to turn your favorite foods into fat burning fuel
  • Immediate online access to the complete system

With this system, you learn specific exercises that will maximize the effects of your weight loss. Rid yourself of the cellulite and tone those squishy areas on your body with these different techniques that you learn through the program. This system teaches the proper way of eating in order to slim your waist and add to your weight loss. Other diet plans restrict you from eating certain foods or force you to exercise endlessly, under the assumption that this is the right way to lose weight. That’s the difference between this system and the others, you are taught that you should shorten your workouts and use food as fuel.

The Venus Factor provides you with a virtual nutritionist and coaching lessons in order to guide you along the way. You will be introduced to a plan that unlocks your potential to achieve the slim and toned body without worries of packing the fat back on.

the venus factor

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Why Leptin Supplements Don’t Work

Leptin SupplementsLeptin supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years, as research continues to show the vast array of activities performed in the human body. The most important effect that has been targeted by the supplement industry is the diet effects of leptin. Leptin is known colloquially as the satiety hormone. This is because it acts on the hypothalamus, in the brain, to signal that your body has enough energy and can stop eating food. As you intake food for a meal, the extra energy from the food is sent into fat cells throughout your body. As the fat cells start to take up energy they create and secrete leptin. The leptin then circulates throughout the body, and binds to receptors in the hypothalamus which tell your brain that you’ve had enough food. A better way to use the leptin hormone is to improve your sensitivity to it by using a diet like the Venus Factor. Leptin is a long term signal to the brain that you’re full, while there are other signals and hormones that act on a shorter time span. Because of these effects supplement companies have attempted to create artificial or supplemental leptin which could be used to help someone feel more satisfied, or less hungry for a longer time, thus decreasing their energy intake. According to Joseph Baker, of Tufts University “although interesting in theory, Leptin is not proven or effective in weight loss or training.”

Reason #1: Absorption

One of the main problems with leptin supplements is that they are not absorbed from the body very well. In fact, the body digests the hormone in the stomach and small intestine so very little of it could ever be taken up into the blood stream.

Reason #2: Leptin Resistance

While leptin has main effects on the hypothalamus, the hormone has important effects on cells throughout the body. One of those effects that has a detrimental effect on people trying to lose weight is that leptin typically causes a decrease in muscle growth. The most critical losses are seen in pectoral muscles, by antagonizing testosterone’s effects on the muscle group. This means that if a person could increase their natural leptin amounts, they would like notice a decrease in chest size as well as a decrease in food intake. In order to compensate, and thereby increase their muscle size, they would need to increase their food intake instead of decrease through leptin use.

In conclusion, while theoretically increasing leptin quantities by the use of leptin supplements seems like a breakthrough in diet science, there haven’t been any effective supplements with the desired effects.

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