Leptin Diet Rules

the leptin dietBECOMING A SUCCESS WITH THE LEPTIN DIET! Are you thinking about starting the Leptin Diet? Some of you might have heard of it. Being on this diet is not for everyone. You need to know that going in. There are some who begin diets without any knowledge of the program. Two weeks in, they are ready to quit or they have fallen off the wagon. Why? It wasn’t right for them to start with.

This is why it’s best to take a look at an overview first. The following overview will give you a basic understanding of the Leptin diet.

The Leptin Diet Rules

1) You can’t eat any snacks after dinner. This is going to be hard for some to handle. There are many of us who like to snack late at night. You know who you are. Well forget it. It’s not allowed on the this program.

2) You must eat breakfast. For many of us, the idea of coffee and a doughnut serves as breakfast. Some drink just coffee and juice. These individuals feel they can get something later. You are not allowed to do this. You have to eat a small healthy breakfast. Your breakfast must be rich in fiber and protein, especially the protein. You have to have at least 20-30 grams. Things like nuts and yogurt are good items to eat.

This might be a problem for some of you. This rule should be consider alone for many of you. If you aren’t going to be good with keeping this rule, this diet is not going to be for you.

3) Your meals have to be small. You know what I mean by small. Many of us like to indulge in big meals. We like to walk away with that “full” feeling. While this might be a good idea in theory, this is going to be a bad idea. The idea is to quit eating when you start feeling slightly full. Some tend to carry on, even after they reach this point. The idea is to stop right then and there. This means no going back for seconds or thirds. This is a problem for many people. If this is going to be a problem for you, then you might want to reconsider.

4) Soda drinking is frowned upon. Any extra sugar intake is frowned upon. Many of us like to drink soda, even if just once in a while. The idea of this diet is to cut it out completely.

How does this sound so far? Want more information on the diet, before you make that big decision? Check out the Venus Factor diet program. We have tons of information for you to look over.

Credit to the original Leptin Diet Book.

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What is Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone that plays a large part in a person’s appetite and their overall ability to control their weight. Not only does leptin cross the blood brain barrier and signal the appetite portion of the brain but it also increases nervous system activity that will stimulate the body to burn fatty tissue to create energy. There are people that experience resistance which can affect all of these systems and activities in the body.

What Exactly Is Leptin Resistance

Leptin ResistanceWhen a person has resistance they will have high levels of leptin in their blood but the body is not experiencing any change in appetite or energy. Even though the body has sufficient levels of leptin, the body, for some reason is not responding properly.

How Does This Happen?

Nobody knows the actual cause of leptin resistance but there are a few thoughts from the medical community that might hold water. Leptin in the blood stream might not be reaching the proper targets in the brain in order to properly control a person’s appetite. There is also the option that leptin receptors in the body might not be functioning the right way and even though leptin is passing along in the blood, there is no reaction.

What Can Be Done?

People who have a resistance may feel hungry often or have many cravings throughout the day. Since there is not a whole lot known about leptin resistance or why it occurs, right now the best treatment is curbing those unhealthy cravings. This can be done by eating healthy, working out, and avoiding the wrong foods like sugar and carbs. A proper diet can go a long way when it comes to managing weight while experiencing leptin resistance. Starting the day off right with a hearty breakfast is important (Think oatmeal, egg whites and other healthy forms of protein and grains). There are also supplements available that provide natural support for leptin resistance such as Iryingia. This supplement is from the African mango and can help leptin sensitivity and weight gain.

There are some studies that have shown fasting for a minimum of twelve hours can help reset leptin levels and resistance levels but this should always be done with caution and with the support of a trusted medical professional.

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